We have known Mike Derleth since 2001 when we hired him as the General Contractor for our major home renovation. We received many positive recommendations from designers and prior customers attesting to Mike’s experience as a General Contractor, and he did not disappoint. With his broad vision and expertise, our mid-sixties style canyon home was transformed into a sleek, modern, hilltop jewel from which we derive immense pleasure. Moreover, Mike’s work has stood the test of time with only routine maintenance needed in the 11 years since completion. Over the years, Mike has always been available to us, no matter how small our request. With his assistance, we have been able to maintain our home in enviable condition.

Nina Shaw & Wallace Little – Client #262


“We have used Mike Derleth on two separate, major remodels of our home. Both went better than we could have hoped. Mike is an experienced and honest contractor who is forthright and transparent in both his decision making and his billing. He takes the time to explain everything to you and then provides itemized, regular billings so that you always know where every penny of your money is going. He gives you the confidence of knowing that not only is your house is in good hands, but so is your budget. I wouldn’t even think of using anyone else. I feel totally confident when recommending Mike to any of our friends.”

Dan & Gail – Client #363


A letter of recommendation to a potential client

Hi Susan -

I just called your number and I understand that you are out of town until Wednesday…We’ll miss each other again since I’m off to D.C. on Tuesday. Maybe we can chat next weekend (I’ll be home Friday to Sunday).

Regarding Mike – I love him and I would hire him again. In fact, once I recover from the downstairs remodel I plan to have him back to do my two bathrooms upstairs. He and his crew did a complete gut and remodel of my downstairs – kitchen, guest bath, and living room / dining room. I worked with Cynthia at the Kitchen Store in Culver City to design the kitchen and breakfast area, and Mike was my general contractor. My place is beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. Here are the high points: I did get multiple quotes and Mike’s was right in line with the others. I did run into a couple of surprises (pipes in the way of some cabinets) but in the end he actually came in UNDER BUDGET

He was absolutely on schedule – he and his guys were here when they said they would be and the job was finished exactly on time (even with the pipe issue and we found a gas leak that threw us off for a few days). The total project took about 10 weeks. He took care of all the details (permits, inspections, multiple subcontractors, etc) He and his guys are very trustworthy – as you can tell, I travel a lot. I had no problem leaving the key and having them come and go while I was on travel….I actually still miss them now that they are gone!
Very clean – they put plastic draping up to keep the dust in the construction area. However, be prepared….even with their precautions, things did get dusty – I don’t think there is really any way to avoid it. The work is exactly what I expected – beautiful attention to detail. It really is my dream kitchen.

Please feel free to call if you’d like more detail. I live in Redondo Beach – I love to show off the place so you are welcome to stop by to see it in person. Just let me know.

Take care & good luck with your project!

Annette – Client 383

I was awarded the contract for this project. Client 386